Our History

K-Way VOB Running Club was founded in 1977 by former UCT graduates. It originally became known as, Varsity Old Boys Running Club or VOB, for short.

The Club has a long and illustrious history dating back to these early days. Over time K Way VOB has grown to become the largest running club in the Western Cape and also one of the most well-known running clubs in South Africa.

K Way VOB was from the outset a running club where everyone was welcome as a member, no matter what gender, race, creed or religion. We are an all-inclusive club where all runners of good standing are welcome to join. Throughout our history, we have always respected each member’s right, to run where and when and with whom they feel comfortable to do so. The club does not prescribe to any members where to run or where not to run. We advertise all running events of the Western Cape to our members and leave the choice of where to run with each individual member.

We have moved our base a few times since 1977 and are now based at the Constantia Bowls Club. We have been based here for around 5 years and it has become our running home. We have a good relationship with our bowling friends and foresee many more years of this being our home.

Our club comprises around 1100 members and as such, it is a club for the members. The committee is in no way remunerated for their time and efforts and they serve on the committee in their own time in order to take care of all the events and functions of the club. The committee strives to be the best that they can be in serving all members.

Many of our members have been members for many years, which is an indication that, while we never have been and never will be the perfect running club (is there such a thing), K Way VOB is doing what many people require and expect from a running club.