A very important part of K Way VOB is our development program. We have a dedicated sub-committee which has the sole responsibility of running the development program. The purpose of the development program is to identify and develop runners from previously disadvantaged areas, as well as individuals who need assistance in order to improve their running abilities. Our development program is NOT a professional part of K Way VOB. Even though we do sponsor kit, transport, coaching and entry fees, our development runners are not paid to run for K Way VOB. Any prize money won by a member in a race is theirs to keep.

One of the main aims of the development program is also to help our development runners with life skills as well, therefore the sub-committee with development representation on the committee.

Our development runners are mainly from the Khayalitsha area and they train in that area. We pay a coach and manager/convenor in Khayalitsha to help with their coaching our runners.

If you would like any further information on our development program or would like to get involved, please email us and we will gladly give you more information.