Constantia Valley Grape Run


Time trial is an excellent way to build up speed and is a good measure of performance improvement.

Day and Time

Wednesdays, 17:45 for walkers & 18:00 for runners (Summer); 17:30 for walkers & 17:45 for runners (Winter)


Officia laborum duis enim aliquip (see below for map)

The K-Way Constantia Valley Grape Run is arguably the most beautiful route in the Western Cape. The 21km course is somewhat challenging as it leads one through the historic wine farms of the Constantia Valley. The courses have been measured and certified using a Clane Jones Device. Both courses are uneven underfoot in certain areas and therefore athletes should contact the organizers to discuss their possible participation if they are unsure.

As this event is run primarily on the paths and trails of the Constantia Valley wine farms, this race has been declared a plastic free event and with special permission of the WPA Road Running Commission, there will be limited water stations. There is no water available between the 7.5km and 14.5km marks on the 21.1km route. Participants are therefore encouraged to bring their own bottle or hydration pack. All Coke/water will be served in paper cups and must be consumed at the water stations. Discarding of any cups or other rubbish in the vineyards will lead to instant disqualification.

Race Details

Date and Time

14th August, 6:30am


Alphen Centre, Constantia





Max no. of particpants