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Race Details

Date and Time

12 March 2022, 06:10


Constantia Village Shopping Centre

Entry Deadline

3 March 2022

Coming soon:

Constantia Village 15km

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Membership Fees

TypeMembership Fees WPA LicenceTotal Due
MemberR 350.00R 135.00 R 485.00
SpouseR 170.00R 135.00 R 305.00
Student (under 22)R 85.00R 135.00 R 220.00
Junior (under 19)R 65.00R 45.00 R 110.00
SocialR 350.00N/AR 350.00
70+*R 165.00N/AR 165.00

*(Must have been a K-Way VOB Member in 2021)

(All membership fees until 31stDecember 2022)

Application Steps

Step 1: Fill out membership Application.

Step 2: If membership is General, Spouse, Student, or Junior then register with ASA.

Banking Details

Bank: FNB
Branch: Mowbray
Account Name: Varsity Old Boys Running Club
Account No:  6201 222 9896
Reference: Your Name & Surname

Please forward a copy of your proof of payment

Secretary Email:

Secretary Tel: 021 761 88887

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