The Special General Meeting to adopt the Updated Constitution is to be held on the 3rd of November 2016, 19h30 at the Clubhouse.
All members are encouraged to attend to vote for our the Updated Constitution.

For and on behalf of the Committee


Documents to download:

K-Way VOB Constitution [Proposed 2016]

K-Way VOB Constitution [Summary of Amendments 2016]

K-Way VOB Constitution [2013]

Annexure A: K-Way VOB Role Descriptions – Committee

Club Constitutional update memo:

Dear Club member,

As reported back at the recent Annual General Meeting of the Club, the Committee with the aid of our legal advisors, have reviewed the current K-Way VOB Constitution with the aim of ensuring that it is current and compliant with latest legislation. More importantly the review has been done to ensure that Club matters and what we stand for are clearly defined and that members interests are protected.

The proposed new Constitution is now available to all members to download and review (from

You are invited to, within 30 days, send all your comments, questions and concerns to the Club Chairman via All submissions received will be dealt with and answers provided to the questions as soon as possible.

For those who would simply like an overview of what changes have been made, a second document is also available for download, covering each point.

Once the 30 day period has expired, a formal notice will be sent out advising of the date at which a Special General Meeting of the Club will be held to consider the adoption of the proposed new constitution.

Should you have any problem with downloading any of the document’s, please contact the Club Secretary at requesting the copies you need.

Best regards
Dave Waywell