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Every Wednesday afternoon we host a 5km time trial. This program is run under the watchful eye of Lynette Bazeley. Lynett has been organising the time trials for the last 22 years, so she is well schooled in all the arrangements that are part of the time trial.

In summer the time trials start at 17:45 for walkers and at 18:00 for runners. During the winter months, the start times move 15 minutes earlier, so that runners and walkers are able to do the time trial before it is dark. Time trials start and finish in the parking lot of the school, which is situated between Virgin Active and the K Way VOB clubhouse.

Doing a time trial is an excellent way to build up speed and is a good measure of performance improvement. They are tough, but well worth the effort. We also have a ladies time trial incentive which we run over 5 to six weeks in the first quarter of each year.

We hope to see you at our time trial events, where you can challenge yourself to improve your times.

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