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Trail Running

Trail Running

K Way VOB has a very active trail running section of the club. This section is expertly administered and co-ordinated by Tim Bellairs. Trail runs are arranged for different times during the week and over weekends. Trail runners are spoiled with the varied choice of runs that they can do. Saturday mornings will see our Table Mountain Trailers and the longer distance group doing a variety of routes which start from different locations around the Peninsula.

There are usually two groups of runners and these vary from beginners to those that are pretty speedy mountain goats. The distance that each group does also vary, so there are longer and shorter routes to do on the day. Groups are arranged according to the abilities of those taking part on the day. Each group has a group leader and information, as well as safety briefings, are given before each run.

Groups run together with frequent stops to regroup so that no one is left behind. Safety of all runners is of utmost importance.

Unfortunately, over the last while, there have been numerous attacks on Table mountain on cyclists, hikers, and runners. K Way VOB takes these incidents very seriously and the safety of our members is paramount. We are therefore involved with the Honorary Rangers, who are in the process of stepping up patrols on the mountain and we have just donated R30 000 towards the kennel project of the honorary rangers. This facility is to house the dogs that are to be used to patrol the mountain. It is our way of giving back, not only to trail runners but to the community as a whole, in doing as much as we can to make the mountain a safer place for all.

As a result of safety issues on the mountain, The Committee in conjunction with Tim decided in late 2018 to not advertise the location and times of the trail runs on our website or on social media until such time as it is safe to do so again. This decision was taken, as it came to light that the perpetrators were able to get information from social media and websites of where and when runs were to take place, so they could plan their dastardly deeds.

We understand this is an inconvenience to all, but we would rather stay on the side of caution. The weekly trail running activities are mailed to interested parties during the week. If you would like to receive these emails and be added to the list of recipients, please mail requesting to be put on the mailing list and we will arrange for you to get the mails.

Enjoy our wonderful mountain and trails with us.


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